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NEW SynStats Software for Antibiotic and Vaccine Developers software, antibiotics, vaccine development4 Oct 2013Read
Innovative Cambridge Vaccine Firm Chooses ProtoCOL 3 Colony Counter bacterial detection12 Apr 2013Read
Major Food Research Centre Chooses ProtoCOL Colony Counter food poisoning, automated colony counting3 Jan 2012Read
ProtoCOL 2 Colony Counting and Zone Sizing System Upgrade inhibition zones12 Apr 2011Read
New Scanner to Assist Automation of Large Plates and Increase Throughout of Vaccine and Anti-Microbial Compound Testing25 Feb 2011Read
University Uses Automated Colony Counter for Human DNA Repair Research21 Jan 2011Read
New ProtoCOL 2 UV Imaging Accessory For Fast Counting of Fluorescent Colonies and Plaques29 Jan 2010Read
New Automated Zone Analysis System29 Oct 2009Read
Automated Colony Counter used in Modified Ames Test To Precisely Predict the Genotoxicity Effects of Airborne Substances22 Jul 2009Read
Automated Zone Measuring System Used at Major Vaccine Company21 Jul 2009Read

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