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The Monochromator Reinvented: the CLARIOstar® ELRIG, fluorescence based assay, drug discovery19 Aug 2014Read
The Innovative CLARIOstar Multi-mode Microplate Reader at analytica 2014 fluorescence, fluorescence based assay, monochromator17 Mar 2014Read
New Global Alliance to Develop Class-Leading BRET Technologies for Real-Time Monitoring of Molecular Interactions molecular biology, pharmaceuticals23 Jan 2014Read
Sensitivity for Screening, Flexibility for Assay Development - The New CLARIOstar® Multi-mode Microplate Reader at SLAS2014 fluorescence based assay, assay development, screening6 Jan 2014Read
BMG LABTECH and InvivoSciences Initiate Market Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery in Engineered 3D Tissues SLAS, fluorescence, drug development19 Nov 2013Read
Any Assay, Any Wavelength, Any Bandwidth with the New CLARIOstar® High Performance Microplate Reader fluorescence based assay, cell analysis, luminescence assay12 Jun 2013Read
Label-Free Assays Benefit from Microplate Readers with CCD Spectrometer Technology high throughput, LSPR, Biotechnology20 Jul 2012Read
New Microplate Reader Showcased analytica, antioxidant testing, full spectrum absorbance10 Apr 2012Read
Nanoliter High-Throughput Screening with the PHERAstar FS nanoliter hts8 Feb 2012Read
Last Chance to Win a SPECTROstar Nano Microplate, Cuvette and Low-Volume Absorbance Reader6 Jul 2011Read

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