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Thermo Fisher Launches Fully Automated Test for IBD/IBS Differentiation irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, fecal calprotectin11 Jan 2012Read
New Immunoassay Plate Guide for Diagnostic Applications6 Jan 2012Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Pathology Solutions at IBMS Congress6 Oct 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific to Showcase Pathology Solutions at IBMS Congress7 Sep 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Latest Innovation in High-Throughput Tissue Processing4 Jul 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Enables Ireland’s First Fragment-Based Screening Programme17 May 2011Read
Maybridge Ro3 Fragments from Thermo Fisher Scientific are Helping to Accelerate Drug Discovery Efforts17 Dec 2010Read
Maybridge HitFinder™ Screening Compound Collection Helps to Develop Anti-Inflammatory Drugs1 Oct 2010Read
New Fragment Library to Enhance Structure-Based Drug Design29 Jun 2010Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Welcomes New Members to RNAi Global Initiative9 Mar 2009Read

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