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Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces New Method for Ultra-Fast Inclusion Analysis in Steel19 Apr 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Enhanced iCAP 6200 Optical Emission Spectrometer22 Mar 2011Read
University Uses Thermo Fisher Scientific ICP-MS for Reliable and Efficient Sulfur Detection in Proteins14 Jan 2011Read
Faster Process Control Speed in the Iron and Steel Industry from Thermo Fisher Scientific11 Jan 2011Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Automated Milling Solution for Fast and Reliable Ferrous Metals Sample Preparation14 Dec 2010Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Four New Industry Specific Analytical Packages for Fast, Accurate and Reliable X-ray Analysis4 Sep 2009Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers an ICP Solution to Facilitate Rapid Analysis of Impurities in Solid Metallic Samples27 Jan 2009Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Streamlines Nitrogen/Protein Determination in Meat Derivative Products4 Dec 2008Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Enables Reliable Biodiesel Analysis Using the Radial Plasma View iCAP 6000 Series ICP Emission Spectrometers8 Oct 2008Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Extends Capabilities of ARL 4460 OES Metals Analyzer with New OXSAS Analytical Software30 Jul 2008Read

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