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Entry Level Microplate Solvent Evaporator Sample Concentration27 Jan 2015Read
Streamlining ChIP for qPCR Analysis Immunoprecipitation21 Jan 2015Read
Introduction to a Novel Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Method CHiP-sequencing, Immunoprecipitation, Chromatin18 Jan 2015Read
Space Saving 96-well Deep Well Plate Contamination Prevention8 Jan 2015Read
Porvair Launches Electronic Mat Capper Microplate Sealer2 Dec 2014Read
Rapid and Simple SPE Methods Development Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)10 Nov 2014Read
High Volume Microplates7 Nov 2014Read
Enhanced US Support for Microplate Sample Concentration Systems Sample Concentration8 Oct 2014Read
A New Solid-State Platform for High-Throughput ChIP Epigenetics, High Throughput, Immunoprecipitation24 Sep 2014Read
Elegant Fraction Collection Storage Solution from Porvair Sciences Chromatography27 Aug 2014Read

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