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Simple, Versatile and Secure: RAININ's New Electronic E4 XLS+™ Single and Multichannel Pipettes electronic pipette20 Jun 2014Read
Extraordinary Tools for Exceptional Results New Rainin Pipet-Lite™ XLS+™ Manual Pipettes from Anachem electronic pipette29 May 2014Read
New 20µl Liquidator 96 Maximizes Your Workflow with Fast, 96-Well Pipetting and No Complex Programming qPCR23 May 2014Read
All New One-Stop Pipetting Shop from Anachem Ltd air displacement, electronic pipette3 Apr 2014Read
Reduce the Aches and Pains of Pipetting with Good Pipetting Posture – Request Your Free Poster from Anachem laboratory management, laboratory safety16 Sep 2013Read
Good Ergonomics Explained in Anachem Booklet ergonomics24 May 2013Read
Anachem Releases New Ergonomically Advanced E4 XLS+ Multichannel Pipettes multichannel17 May 2013Read
Introducing the New Rainin XLS+ Multichannels from Anachem multichannel19 Apr 2013Read
MicroSol 3+ - Keeping your Lab Clean and Contamination Free2 Nov 2011Read
New from Anachem the Rainin E4™XLS™ – The Pipetting App Master1 Sep 2011Read

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