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Syngene Launches World’s First Remote Access Blot and Gel Imager Protein, DNA, UV21 Oct 2014Read
Respected Synthetic Biology Group Chooses G:BOX Chemi XT4 Protein, DNA, Heavy Metals17 Sep 2014Read
Karolinska Institutet Utilizes G:BOX Chemi XX6 in DNA Vaccine Research to Make Quantifying IR Fluorescent Viral Antigens Faster and More Accurate Hepatitis, Imaging, Vaccine Development15 May 2014Read
PXi Touch at University of Cambridge Provides More Accurate Result by Imaging Fluorescent and Chemiluminescent Proteins on One lot Fluorescence, Protein, Imaging9 Apr 2014Read
Syngene Expands its Range of Imaging Systems Fluorescence, Imaging, 2D Gel Imaging12 Mar 2014Read
New G:BOX Chemi XRQ Image Analysis System from Syngene Offers Affordable, High Performance Multi-Application Imaging Imaging, Chemiluminescence, Blotting22 Jan 2014Read
New GeneGnome5 Chemiluminescent Imaging System Guarantees Scientists can Accurately Image Blots with Minimal System Training20 Jun 2011Read
New ChemiFast Substrate Offers Higher Sensitivity and Long Signal Life with Chemiluminescent Blots26 May 2011Read
2D Gel Image Analyser at Major Ophthalmology Centre17 May 2011Read
New G:BOX Chemi IR6 System for IR Image Analysis13 Apr 2011Read

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