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Panasonic Launches Innovative New Line of -30˚C Freezers with Inverter Technology for Biomedical Sample Storage Sample Storage, Biomedical27 Sep 2013Read
Outstanding Environmental Control in Panasonic’s CO² Incubators Ensures Sample Security Cell Incubation25 Jun 2013Read
Panasonic ULT Freezers Ensure Sample Security for LifeLines Healthy Aging Study in Groningen ULT Freezer, Sample Storage30 Apr 2013Read
New Energy Efficient -86ºC Freezer Energy Efficient Freezing11 Jan 2012Read
SANYO Launches Orbital Shaker for use in High Humidity CO2 Incubators15 Aug 2011Read
SANYO and BD Biosciences Collaborate to Offer Researchers Valuable Technology and Research Tools19 Jul 2011Read
New SANYO Dual-Cooling Freezer Provides Ultimate Sample Security30 Jun 2011Read
SANYO Multi-Gas Incubator Offers Exceptional Control and an Industry-First Decontamination System29 Mar 2011Read
MCO-19M CO2 Incubator from Sanyo Provides Control of O2 and N2 Gas Concentrations12 Jan 2011Read
New Versatile Incubator from SANYO11 Jan 2011Read

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