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Microscopes to Suit All Your Cell Biology Research Needs6 May 2011Read
Now You Can Control Shear Force Easily!7 Apr 2011Read
Pressurize Your Perfusion System30 Mar 2011Read
Warner Instruments Introduce the NEW CL-200 Dual Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller8 Mar 2011Read
NEW Flow Chamber for Monitoring Yeast Cell Growth12 Mar 2009Read
New Warmed Microscope Platforms6 Aug 2008Read
New Cell Biology & Electrophysiology Catalog!30 May 2008Read
A New Thermal Insert for Prior's Nano Z Stage5 Dec 2007Read
New Syringe Heaters with Independent Controls26 Nov 2007Read
New Dual Stream O2 and CO2 Controller7 Nov 2007Read

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