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Corning Introduces Next Generation Epic System for Advanced Life Sciences Research and Drug Discovery Cell Analysis, Microplate Analysis, Biochemical Assays8 Jul 2013Read
Automatically Feeds Cells for up to Three Days with the Corning® FloWell™ 2W Plate Cell Proliferation29 May 2013Read
New Brands for Life Science Research analytica, Microbiology Consumables10 Apr 2012Read
New Brands Introduced for Life Science Research ARABLAB, Microbiology Consumables19 Mar 2012Read
New and Improved 384-Well Clear Bottom Microplates Reduction in Autofluorescence, Well-to-Well Signal Variation6 Dec 2011Read
Corning Announces New Compact Centrifuge18 Jul 2011Read
Corning Life Sciences Now Offers Gosselin, Axygen, and PYREX Brands to Clinical Chemists18 Jul 2011Read
New 1536 Well Smooth Surface Microplates8 Jun 2011Read
Tools and Equipment for Cell Culture: ISSCR Stem Cell Focus6 Jun 2011Read
Corning Introduces New Line of Reusable Plastic Laboratory Products21 Mar 2011Read

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