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Innovative Phlebotomy Safety Device Launched by Greiner Bio-One at AACC AACC29 Jul 2013Read
96 Well SCREENSTAR Microplate – A New STAR is born Image Analysis, Microscopy, drugdevelopment20 Jun 2013Read
CELLview improves microscopic vision18 May 2009Read
Innovative Surface Leading to Considerably Higher Cell Yields6 Feb 2009Read
Strategic Cooperation between European ScreeningPort GmbH and Greiner29 Jan 2009Read
Large working volume – low dead volume: The new 384 Deep Well Small Volume™ Microplate7 Feb 2008Read
Microplates with non-binding surfaces2 Nov 2007Read
Greiner Bio-One GmbH and CellMade S.A.S. agree on the joint devel-opment of cell biological products1 Oct 2007Read
Advanced HPV screening for the prevention of cervical cancer30 Oct 2006Read

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