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Bio-Rad’s New ChemiDoc™ Touch Imaging System Surpasses Film’s Performance, Simplifies Western Blot Detection blotting, digital imaging23 Sep 2014Read
Bio-Rad to Showcase New Products and Developments at ILMAC 2013 fluorescence, cell analysis, gene expression levels16 Aug 2013Read
Bio-Rad Announces New Oriole™ Fluorescent Gel Stain3 Feb 2010Read
Lucid Proteomics System from Bio-Rad and Bruker Combines Top-Down and Bottom-Up Proteomics to Improve Biomarker Discovery28 Sep 2009Read
Bio-Rad Announces New Human Primary Cell Transfection Protocols21 Nov 2008Read
Bio-Rad Introduces a Standardization Suite For the ProteinChip SELDI System28 Oct 2008Read
Bio-Rad Technical Note Compares the Criterion Stain Free System to SDS-Page and Coomassie Staining Methods21 Oct 2008Read
Bio-Rad’s MicroRotorfor cell instrument enables scientists to enrich low abundance proteins for biomarker discovery28 Jul 2006Read
Bio-Rad Announces Web Seminar Series in Metabolomics, Spectroscopy and ADME/Tox20 Jul 2006Read

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