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New Multimode Microplate Reader Delivers Automation, Simplicity and Versatility for Microplate Assays SLAS10 Feb 2015Read
New Four-Axis SCARA-Type Robot Uses Vision to Maintain Precision, Streamline Teaching SLAS, Automation10 Feb 2015Read
Automated Incubator Can Now Be Monitored, Controlled from Virtually Anywhere SLAS, Cell Incubation10 Feb 2015Read
New Monoclonal Antibody HPLC Columns from Thermo Fisher Scientific Monoclonal Antibodies4 Feb 2015Read
New Mini Centrifuges Provide Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility for Personal Workstations Sample Handling19 Jan 2015Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Ion Torrent AmpliSeq RNA Fusion Lung Cancer Research Panel Lung Cancer, NGS14 Jan 2015Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases New CE-IVD Tumor Panel for Next Generation Sequencing Clinical NGS, Tumors, Olympics14 Jan 2015Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific and Samsung Electronics to Collaborate on Point-of-Care Diagnostic Solutions Point of Care Solutions4 Dec 2014Read
New Ultracentrifuge from Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Enhanced Productivity and Protection Touchscreen, Centrifuge13 Nov 2014Read
Next Generation of CO2 Incubators for Demanding Cell Culture Applications Cell Incubation29 Oct 2014Read

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