Sodium Hydroxide (0.5 N) Compatibility of Pellicon® 3 Cassettes with10 and 30 kD NMWL Ultracel® Composite Membranes
22 June 2015

Pellicon 3 cassettes with Millipore’s Ultracel® PLC membranes are tangential flow filtration (TFF) devices for the filtration of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins. They have been optimised for today’s higher titer therapeutic antibodies as well as for the more demanding filtration processes that require higher flow rates, operating temperatures and caustic cleaning regimes, enabling consistently high performance. This study demonstrates the ability of Pellicon 3 cassettes with 10 and 30 kD NMWL Ultracel membranes to perform consistently after exposure to 0.5 N NaOH at 50 °C for up to 50 hours.