Evaluation of Cryopreserved Bacmam Transduced Aequorin Cells in 384- and 1536-Well Suspension Cell Assays Using the Aequorin Option for the FLIPRTETRA® System
18 Nov 2014

Combined with the FLIPRTETRA® system equipped with Aequorin options, cryopreserved cells are a powerful tool in the identification of lead compounds in drug discovery. The suspension cell distribution capability of the FLIPRTETRA® system enables uniform delivery of cells directly to read-plates for luminescent detection in up to 1536-well format. This study demonstrates performance of cryopreserved Bacmam transduced Aequorin cells in 384- well and 1536-well formats. Aequorin-based suspension assays with frozen cells demonstrate both instrument and cell performance during extended assays without significant shift in EC50 or Z’ factor.

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