Ingenio® Electroporation Solution - The High Efficiency, Broad Spectrum Solution for Nucleic Acid Delivery into Primary Cells and Hard to Transfect Cell-lines
29 Jan 2015

The physical technique of electroporation has emerged as a method of choice for nucleic acid delivery into these hard to transfect cells, such as primary cells. Ingenio® Electroporation Solution is a broad spectrum reagent capable of supporting electroporation of plasmid DNA and siRNA into multiple mammalian cell lines. This application note presents a simple protocol for the efficient transfection of cells using Ingenio Electroporation Solution. The method can be further optimized for either exponential decay or square wave pulse types offered on standard electroporators.

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High Efficiency Transfection of iCell® Cardiomyocytes and Stem Cell Relevant Cell Sources transfection, stem cell research, Cardiomyocytes31 Oct 2014Read

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