Using Flow Electroporation to Find More Relevant Candidates and Shorten the Antibody Development Timeline
30 September 2015

As the number of biotherapeutics grows, success in the coming years will depend on the ability to get to market quickly. This will involve the ability to work upstream in the manufacturing cell line. While transient gene expression is a rapid and cost-effective means of protein production, particularly during early development and preclinical stages, most transient transfection methods do not meet the requirements of scalability, consistency, speed, and cell type flexibility. MaxCyte flow electroporation enables rapid transient transfection, producing high cell viabilities and transfection efficiencies for a variety of commonly used cell lines in manufacturing. In this poster, data will be presented that shows the ability of the MaxCyte STX® Transfection System to transfect CHO cells with high efficiency and viability, enabling R&D to be conducted in the manufacturing cell line. A comparison of different transfection methods will be presented in CHO and HEK cells.