Amniocyte Derived Human Cell Line CAP-T® is a Versatile Host for Transient Bulk Transfection
9 October 2015

For the generation of recombinant cells for cell based assays or the production of recombinant proteins transient approaches became more feasible since scalable and reproducible technologies are available. In comparison to the generation of a stably transfected cell line a transient bulk transfection has several advantages. It facilitates the co-expression of multi subunits, enables the expression of toxic proteins and is, last but not least, much faster. The optimal host cell line for transient bulk transfections should be easy to cultivate, preferably in suspension and under serum free conditions, should be transfectable with a high efficacy, and should provide a most physiological expression and post-translational modification of human derived proteins. This poster evaluates the use of CAP-T as a host cell line for transient bulk transfection using the scalable electroporation device from MaxCyte