Analytical reference materials, standards and high purity solvents
18 July 2006

LGC Promochem, a leading supplier of certified and non-certified reference materials, has recently replaced a number of its smaller product catalogues with one new comprehensive volume to make sourcing easier for its customers. Feedback had revealed that switching between the different catalogues to search for items was time consuming, and that a source of information including all relevant products would be preferred.

The new 800-page catalogue has updated listings for all of the existing reference materials and standards from national measurement institutes such as LGC and NIST and product manufacturers such as Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, as well as a variety of new products. These include catalogue custom pesticide standards from ULTRA, food reference materials from MUVA, GlowellTM light output standards for luminescence, fluorescence and bio-imaging, and high purity solvents for liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry.

For ease of use, products can be found either through the detailed contents page at the beginning of the catalogue or by using the full indexes of product codes, chemical names or matrices at the back. There are notes on choosing the most appropriate reference materials for a particular application, as well as a European Reference Materials application note entitled ‘Comparison of a measurement result with the certified value’.

LGC Promochem is dedicated to offering laboratories improved access to reference materials for the widest range of analyses possible. Through close co-operation with highly reputable manufacturers worldwide, it has now produced one of the most comprehensive listing of standards and reference materials currently available.

To obtain your copy of the new catalogue Analytical reference materials, standards and high purity solvents, please contact LGC Promochem by clicking 'request more info' or by telephone.