Implementation of Cisbio's HTRF® M1 muscarinic receptor related assays on CyBio liquid handling solutions for small and high throughput
26 Jun 2014

The present study illustrates, how different Cisbio HTRF assays were implemented and run successfully using CyBio’s liquid handling solutions for different automation levels. The CyBi®-SELMA is the optimal semi-automated pipettor to handle precisely lower HTRF assay sample numbers thus ideally suited for smooth transfer from assay development to screening. The pharmacological results agreed with thus obtained with a completely integrated CyBio robotic workstation. It could be demonstrated, that Cisbio HTRF assays and CyBio liquid handling form a perfect match to offer a straightforward and flexible automated assay platform for small troughput analysis as well as for drug discovery at the HTS level.

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Cardiotoxicity of iCell® Cardiomyocytes Using the CyBi®-SELMA 96, 250 μl Semi-automated Pipettor cell analysis, cardiotoxicity, liquid handling workstation3 Dec 2013Read

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