Tissue Reconstruction Using ThinCert™ Cell Culture Inserts and Plates
3 Dec 2014

The applications presented within in this application note illustrate the multiple advantages and possibilities of ThinCert™ Cell Culture products for organotypic tissue culture and tissue reconstruction. The protocols provide detailed instructions that can easily be adapted to suit research interests other than buccal mucosa and skin reconstruction.

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SCREENSTAR: A 1536 Well Microplate for High Content and High Throughput Screening Fluorescence Based Assay, High Throughput, High Content Imaging25 Nov 2014Read
A Quantitative Cell Migration Assay Using ThinCert™ Cell Culture Inserts Assay Development, Lab Essentials, Cell Migration24 Nov 2014Read
A Quantitative Cell Invasion Assay Using ThinCert™ Cell Culture Inserts Cell Invasion, Tumors21 Nov 2014Read
CrystalQuickTMX: Optimised Platform for In-Situ Analysis of Protein Crystals Screening System, Data Analysis, Structural Biology18 Nov 2014Read
1536 Well Cycloolefin Microplate for Compound Storage and Acoustic Liquid Handling Acoustic Liquid Handling, High Throughput, Drug Discovery12 Nov 2014Read
Enhanced Transfection Efficiency on Protein Coated Microplates Transfection, Genetic Engineering, Viral Vectors6 Nov 2014Read
Advantage of CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Vessels with Cell-Repellent Surface for 3-D Cell Culture in Hydrogels 3D Cell Culture, Cell Incubation22 Oct 2014Read
Protein Coatings Facilitate the Differentiation of Reconstructed Epithelia in ThinCert™ Cell Culture Inserts Cell Growth14 Oct 2014Read
Solutions for Efficient Sample Management and Biobanking Sample Handling, Sample Storage7 May 2014Read
SCREENSTAR and SensoPlate™ Plus: Microplates for Advanced Microscopy Fluorescence Microscopy, Microscopy7 Mar 2014Read

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