Automation of CE-SDS Sample Preparation for PA 800 plus IgG Purity/Heterogeneity Assays Using a Biomek 4000 Automation Workstation
11 Nov 2013

This application note demonstrates the automation of a CE-SDS workflow, to prepare IgG protein samples for the Beckman Coulter PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System, on the Biomek 4000 Workstation. The fully automated denaturation and reduction of IgG controls resulted in highly reproducible peak migration times with CVs <2% and corrected peak areas with CVs <3% using UV absorbance at 220nm. These results were accomplished using both β-mercaptoethanol (n=48) and TCEP (n=24) as reducing agents and demonstrated no cross contamination between samples.

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Automation of CE-SDS Sample Preparation for PA 800 plus IgG Purity/Heterogeneity Assays Using a Biomek 4000 Automation Workstation protein analysis, molecular weight analysis30 Oct 2013Read
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