G:BOX iChemi DyLight Conjugates for Imaging Fluorescent Western Blots Optimum lighting and Filter Combinations For Maximum Sensitivity
6 October 2015

This application note demonstrates the G:BOX iChemi XR system to determine the optimal imaging conditions of commonly used fluorescent dyes. Recent advances in fluorescent dye technology have enabled greater capabilities in detection and a new level of sensitivity in Western blotting. The newer fluorescent dyes such as Cy dyes and DyLights, when conjugated to secondary antibodies, offer a range of benefits over traditional detection methods such as colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection. These methods are not well suited for multiplex analysis because they produce only one color or a white chemiluminescent emission, and involve producing and comparing a series of Western blots, which is both time-consuming and expensive in terms of reagents and blots used. Thus, users cannot distinguish between different proteins, especially when these proteins have the same molecular weight or are very close together.