Analysis of Combinatorial Antiproliferative Effect of Pan RAF Inhibitor AZ-628 and MEK1 Inhibitor AZD-6244 (Selumetinib) on Large Panel of Tumor Cell Lines
18 May 2018

Cancer is a highly complex, multigenic disease with tumor cells underlying constant transition. Single drug treatments against specific targets frequently result in only partial success because mutations and redundant pathways cause drug resistance. Therefore, drug combinations that effect different synergistically acting targets in the cancer cell in parallel have become a promising strategy to improve the success in many fields of cancer therapy. One example for such an approach is the co-treatment of B-Raf driven tumors with Raf and MEK1 inhibitors. In this study, the combinatorial effect of the pan-Raf inhibitor AZ-628 and the MEK1 inhibitor AZD-6244 (Selumetinib) on the viability of a large panel of 120 tumor cell lines is determined.