ELITe InGenius™ − From Sample to Result

28 July 2015

The ELITe InGenius™ is a fully automated molecular diagnostics system combines the automation of nucleic acid extraction and purification, amplification and detection of the nucleic acid extracted by RT-PCR, plus results analysis. The ELITe InGenius is a highly flexible solution operating as a closed system in combination with the ELITe MGB® RT-PCR line to offer a unique CE-IVD solution for infectious disease testing AND operating as an open system, compatible with a large range of PCR chemistries. This unique system can processed from 1 to 12 samples in parallel and independent tracks. It features a universal extraction process in prefilled unitary cartridge associated with multiple and independent PCR from one or several extracted samples enabling the laboratories to develop and custom testing panels according to their specific needs.