Automated Processes to Simplify your Flow Cytometry Workflow with MACSQuant® Analyzer

16 August 2011

Watch this video to learn more about the MACSQuant Analyzer instruments from Miltenyi Biotec. The MACSQuant family of flow cytometers are designed for highly sensitive and reliable results in a small footprint. With 3 excitation lasers and up to 10 analysis channels, these instruments are ideal for busy labs that need high performance and hassle-free maintenance. With the addition of the new MACSQuant VYB that features a 561nm laser designed for optimal collection of fluorescent proteins in addition to traditional antibodies the MACSQuant instrument s offer solutions that fit into any lab. Find out how to make your flow cytometry work easier with automated analysis templates and user programmable cell staining for 96 well plates in a powerful benchtop instrument.