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Writing your review on SelectScience easy! Simply write a few lines about the products you use in your lab. You may wish to consider:
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The Reviews Process

Once submitted, all reviews are moderated to check they are genuine. They may be edited for spelling, grammar and readability. Reviews containing inappropriate content may be deleted. Reviewers may be contacted by the Reviews Editor if there is ambiguity regarding the product they are reviewing. Reviews are usually moderated and posted within one week of submission; reviewers are notified by email once their review has been published.
A copy of the review will be sent to the manufacturer of the equipment. The manufacturer has the right to reply to the Reviews Editor with any comments on the review; appropriate comments will feature alongside the review. We do not edit/remove reviews at the request of manufacturers.

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Review Competition Terms & Conditions

Win a Flight Competition:

Prize includes flights for up to two people to and from a destination of the winner’s choice (up to the total value of $2,000/£1500) to be used within 24 months of the winner announcement. The prize does not include any additional costs, such as accommodation, travel, and food. There are no other prize substitutions and the Editor’s decision is final. The competition runs from June 29 to August 21, the winner will be announced on August 22. This competition is open to laboratory scientists only.

All approved reviews will also be entered into the next prize drawing to win an iPad Air®/$400 Amazon.com® Gift Voucher by September 30th, 2016.

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