Top List: Exclusive Videos from analytica 2016

Watch exclusive interviews filmed at the 25th analytica international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology

14 Jun 2016

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Discover the new technologies showcased during the 25th analytica trade fair, Munich, for applications including identification of cancer biomarkers, purifying chemicals and live cell imaging. Plus, hear from the winning company of the Reviewers’ Choice™ Award for Service Provider of the Year. Find more exclusive content on our analytica 2016 special feature page.


1. GATC Biotech Receives Reviewers’ Choice™ Award for Service Provider of the Year

At analytica 2016 GATC Biotech was presented with the Reviewers’ Choice™ Award for Service Provider of the Year. In this video Peter Pohl, CEO of GATC Biotech, shares his thoughts about receiving this award chosen by scientists. Read the article >>


2. Solutions for Flexible, Real-Time MicroNIR Spectrometry

In this video discover how the ultra-compact MicroNIR family of spectrometers from Viavi Solutions Inc., can provide analysis solutions to suit your needs. Watch the video >>


3. Automated Infrared Microscopy for Failure Analysis and Micro Sample Evaluation

Learn how the new, fully automated AIM-9000 infrared microscope, from Shimadzu Europa, is designed for high quality analysis, with easy contaminant identification. Watch the video >>


4. Advances in Temperature Controlled Waterbaths for Enhanced Versatility

Bernd Rother, JULABO, describes a new range of temperature controlled PURA™ waterbaths, which feature increased capacity, ease of use and precision controls. Watch the video >>


5. Innovations in Automated Sample Titration Platforms

Dr Christian Haider, Metrohm, explains how the OMNIS titration platform enables faster and safer sample preparation to simplify your workflow. Watch the video >>


6. Reliable Sequencing for Detection and Identification of Cell-Free Tumor DNA

Dr Tobias Paprotka, GATC Biotech, describes how the GATCLIQUID service family provides high quality and reproducible sequencing, suitable for diagnostic identification of cancer biomarkers. Watch the video >>


7. Advances in Purification Technology for Diverse Applications

Learn about the versatile AZURA® Prep LC platform from KNAUER, which can be used for the purification of fine chemicals, active ingredients, reactants, and more. The systems feature a maximum flow rate of up to 1000 ml/min, different gradient options, a choice of sample feed and fractionation options as well as selectable purification software packages. Watch the video >>


8. Assay Development for Therapeutic Screening of Transilluminase Inhibitors

Dr Andreas Heil, research scientist at Zedira GmbH, describes how BMG Labtech's CLARIOstar® is being used to screen inhibitors of transilluminases for therapeutic applications, such as coeliac disease. Watch the video >>


9. Innovations in Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification

Melanie Kelm, Analytik Jena AG, introduces the company’s new SmartExtraction technology that can be easily automated for high yield nucleic acid extraction and purification. Watch the video >>


10. Simplify Your Workflow with Tools for High Precision Thermoregulation

Learn how the KISS range of benchtop circulators, from Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau GmbH, are used for precision temperature control of laboratory equipment and can simplify your workflow. Watch the video >>


11. Boost Your Pipetting with the EVOLVE Manual Pipette Range

Jonathan Harkins, INTEGRA Biosciences, explains how the quick set volume function on the EVOLVE manual pipette range can enhance your liquid handling. Watch the video >>


12. Enhanced Speed for Sensitive, High Resolution Confocal Microscopy

Dr Uros Krzic, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, describes how the ZEISS Airyscan with fast acquisition mode facilitates sensitive, high resolution confocal microscopy that is ideal for imaging transient events. Watch the video >>


13. Improve Your Cell Imaging with a Fully Automated, Versatile Inverted Microscope

Dr Arne Giebeler, BioTek Instruments Inc., describes how the compact Lionheart™ FX has enhanced environmental and focusing controls to facilitate multiple cell imaging applications. Watch the video >>



Discover more exclusive content on the analytica 2016 Special Feature page.


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