SelectScience Interview: Using LC-MS Approaches to Improve on Traditional Bioanalysis Methods

Learn how the Bioanalysis Department at LGC is implementing LC-MS to improve services

31 Jan 2017

 The Bioanalysis Department of LGC is utilizing LC-MS technology
The main focus of my work is ensuring scientific quality throughout everything we do, from method development through to analysis

Dr Catarina Horro Pita, Drug Development Services, LGC



SelectScience® interviewed two scientists working within the Bioanalysis Department at LGC to find out how they were implementing LC-MS/MS to improve the analysis of both small and large molecules.

Dr Catarina Horro Pita, a Principal Scientist who is specialized in small molecule analysis, described how she is currently working on the way biomarkers are validated at LGC. She explained that rather than using a pharmacokinetic approach, they are working on more suitable strategies to measure endogenous analytes using LC-MS/MS. Watch the full interview to find out more.

Kjetil Hansen, another scientist in the department, explained how LC-MS has increased selectivity in comparison to the traditional immunoassay analysis. He went onto describe the process of protein digestion, initial peptide screening using Q-TOF and finally analysis of the chosen peptide on a triple quadruple mass spectrometry. To learn more, watch the full interview

Watch the interview on biomarker analysis or large molecule analysis and visit LGCs company profile to find out more about its services. 

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