SelectScience Interview: Professor Cameron Tests the New SelectScience

Hear what the UNIRIO professor has to say

01 Apr 2015

Prof. L C Cameron, Ph.D is a SelectScience Member and Contributor

For more than a decade, Prof. L C Cameron, Ph.D, Head of the Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) in Brazil, has used alternative approaches to understand metabolic responses to physical stress. In addition to classic laboratory studies (cell and animal models), he has used elite athletes and sports to examine metabolic stress. This information can aid in understanding important signaling pathways, which may yield better ways to protect people from diseases such as cancer or thermal injury.

Prof. Cameron's 'Sportomics' approach mimics the real challenges and conditions that are faced during sports training and competition. Sportomics is non-hypothesis-driven research on an individual's metabolite changes during sports and exercise. It is similar to metabolomics and other “-omics” approaches, but Sportomics focuses on sports as a metabolic challenge. Prof. Cameron is currently working with world-class athletes in Brazil and beyond.

Leading a World-Class Facility

The Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry (LBP) is a Waters Center of Innovation, with the latest high-resolution technologies such as Synapt G2 HDMS with ion mobility, Q-TOF and TQ (tandem quadrupoles). Prof. Cameron purchases 8-10 new instruments every year, most recently the NexIon ICP-MS from PerkinElmer. His innovative approach means he utilizes new methods across clinical, analytical and basic research disciplines.

Why SelectScience?

Prof. Cameron has collaborated with SelectScience on several special features such as Science in Brazil and most recently The Science Behind the FIFA World Cup. These features have brought the science to life and shared the unique experiments with scientists around the world. The SelectScience webinar A New Concept in Metabolic Studies: How Personalized 'Sportomics' Bridges Bench and Clinical Science attracted hundreds of researchers around the world to hear and share ideas on this topic. Prof. Cameron has also worked with the SelectScience team on a project to generate more product reviews from users of equipment.

SelectScience provides a unique opportunity for scientists around the world to share ideas and learn about the latest technologies

Professor L C Cameron 



The Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry (LBP) is a Waters Center of Innovation and has the most complete high-resolution mass spectrometry equipment in Latin-America.

Prof. Cameron says: "SelectScience provides a unique opportunity for scientists around the world to share ideas and learn about the latest technologies. I have just recently discovered that my team can use the product directory to request quotes directly from suppliers.. we received a quote back the next day - this was great!"

Beta Testing the New SelectScience Website...


  • I am a visual person so I really like the images and videos... I just watched a fantastic video about a new clinical analyzer - I want to buy it!
  • The navigation is easy to use.
  • I can easily see lots of information!


  • As a busy person I would like to see SelectScience continue to make it easier to digest key information into headlines and interesting images.
  • As there is a lot of information, perhaps the design could use a little more white space.


"Many thanks to Prof. Cameron for his feedback and continued support and contribution to SelectScience. We value his feedback immensely," Kerry Parker, Editor-in-Chief

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