SelectScience Interview: Innovations in Immunoassay Techniques Used to Analyze Biopharmaceutical Drugs and Biomarkers

Find out how new immunoassay techniques are being used to analyze samples from preclinical and clinical trials

01 Jul 2016

Robin Longdin, Sector Manager of the Biologics Department within Drug Development Services at LGC 
We are looking to increase our biomarker capabilities as that is becoming a much more important part of what our sponsors are looking for

Robin Longdin, Drug Development Services, LGC



Robin Longdin, Sector Manager of the Biologics department within LGC Drug Development Services, told SelectScience how the lab analyzes samples from preclinical and clinical trials of biopharmaceuticals. The department offers both a Biopharmaceutical Development Service and Biomarker Testing Service.

Robin explained that immunoassay is the main method used in the Biologics department, with bespoke antibodies used to determine the pKa of the biopharmaceuticals, assess immunogenicity and test for the presence of biomarkers.

Robin commented on some of the new instrumentation being used which has helped to improve LGC's services. For example, the Singulex™ platform has enabled detection of soluble biomarkers down to the femtogram per milliliter level. Robin revealed that, "With the Singulex™ platform we are now able to track the reduction in concentration of disease progression biomarkers like we’ve never been able to do before.”

Watch the full interview here and visit LGCs company profile to find out more about its services. 

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