SelectScience Interview: Comprehensive Extractables and Leachables Analysis for Drug Development

Find out how the Extractables and Leachables Service at LGC can help identify and solve problems with drug packaging and delivery

08 Feb 2017

Stephen Feely, Client Manager at the CMC Department within Drug Development Services at LGC
We’re developing our screening methods to help provide our clients with more comprehensive data to allow them to make more informed judgements

Stephen Feely, Drug Development Services, LGC 



Stephen Feely, a Client Manager of the CMC Department within Drug Development Services at LGC, explained how the extractables and leachables service can help clients identify and quantify compounds within their drug product which are derived from the packaging or delivery system. 

The department has the capability to analyze inorganic and organic compounds using a range of methods such as ICP-MS, and GC-MS and LC-MS. 

“The reports we deliver to our sponsors include the extractables and leachables data as well as guidance on what next steps to take” he says. Stephen highlights that the department works with the client to identify what methods need to be developed to assess and solve potential problems within their drug product.  


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