Whitley M155 HEPA Microaerobic Workstation by Don Whitley Scientific

Manufacturer Don Whitley Scientific  |   Model: A07850
The Whitley M155 HEPA variable atmosphere workstation is ideal for the study and isolation of fastidious microaerophiles where HEPA filtration is required. This workstation has a capacity of 1,800 liters; two airlocks; and two removable fronts.  

Whitley M155 HEPA Microaerobic Workstation by Don Whitley Scientific product image
Whitley M155 HEPA Microaerobic Workstation
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The huge capacity of this workstation means that it can accommodate a variety of laboratory equipment, e.g cell sorters, colony pickers, high throughput bioreactors, microscopes and spiral platers, such as the Whitley WASP Touch. DWS also offers two optional cooling methods for this workstation. A Refrigeration System could be useful if you are working with organisms that need low-temperature incubation. Alternatively, the Heat Removal System allows the workstation to maintain ambient temperatures at all times.

This is a 4-gas system with built in oxygen, CO2 and hydrogen sensors allowing users to program precise gas concentrations, perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable microaerobic environment. Microaerobic workstations provide the most flexibility of any models in the Don Whitley Scientific range; allowing anoxic/anaerobic, microaerobic or hypoxic atmospheres to be created if desired without the need to change incoming gasses.

The M155 HEPA is fitted with the unique Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System. All the atmosphere passes through the filter hundreds of times an hour, which ensures the chamber environment is cleaned quickly.