ThermalTray™ SLP by BioCision, LLC

Manufacturer BioCision, LLC  |   Model: BCS-252  |  Available Worldwide
Slim low profile platform recommended for liquid nitrogen.

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ThermalTray™ SLP

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ThermalTray SLP is a low-profile thermo-conductive platform that supports CoolRack and CoolSink modules in liquid temperature sources such as water, melting ice and liquid nitrogen.

The 1-inch height makes it ideal for use in a rectangular ice pan with liquid nitrogen, as it is low enough to allow a vapor barrier to form at the rim of the ice pan and insulate samples on the ThermalTray from ambient exposure. ThermalTray SLP will adapt to LN2 temperature within approximately 12-15 minutes and stay at approximately -150 to -140℃ for as long as LN2 is surrounding the bottom supports. Samples stay out of LN2, and are organized and easy to process.

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ThermalTray™ SLP by BioCision, LLC product image

ThermalTray™ SLP

Manufacturer BioCision, LLC  |  Available Worldwide

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