Rock Imager 2 by Formulatrix, Inc.

Manufacturer Formulatrix, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
Crystal clear imaging in a compact unit

Rock Imager 2 by Formulatrix, Inc. product image
Rock Imager 2
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Rock Imager 2 (RI2) is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization that supports virtually every microplate format. This easy-to-use solution captures superior-quality images in a compact, benchtop unit.
Expand your understanding of your crystals by imaging in up to 3 different wavelengths, utilizing both UV and visible fluorescence through trace fluorescence labeling (TFL).
  • Unmatched Image Quality - superior optics and intelligent imaging algorithms provide industry-leading imaging quality 
  • Optional UV Imaging - distinguish protein crystals from other crystal types and find crystals that remain hidden when viewed under visible light 
  • Detect Protein-Protein Complexes - Optional visible fluorescence imaging can differentiate between crystals of a protein-protein complex and crystals of just a single protein
  • Flexible - SBS, Linbro, Nextal, Terasaki/HLA and Lipid Cubic Phase (LCP) plate compatible
  • Rock Maker Integration - seamless integration with Rock Maker or your current crystallization software via Rock Imager API



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Rock Imager 2 by Formulatrix, Inc. product image

Rock Imager 2

Manufacturer Formulatrix, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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