Premium RRBS Kit by Diagenode

Manufacturer Diagenode  |   Model: C02030032  |  Available Worldwide
Diagenode’s Premium RRBS Kit for reduced representation bisulfite sequencing.

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Premium RRBS Kit

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Diagenode’s Premium RRBS kit provides a powerful method to efficiently analyze DNA methylation without the higher costs associated with whole genome bisulfite sequencing.

By cutting the genome using the MspI enzyme (CCGG target sites) followed by size selection, DNA is enriched to represent CpG-rich regions (including CpG islands), in which DNA methylation marks are typically found. Thus, RRBS provides a method to more cost-effectively analyze DNA methylation by reducing the number of nucleotides that need to be sequenced and focusing on relevant CpG islands.  

Diagenode’s premium RRBS technology:

  • High resolution DNA methylation profiling at the single nucleotide level
  • High efficiency and minimal boas
  • Proprietary protocol designed to decrease DNA degradation and convert greater number of unmethylated cystosines with reduced amplification requirements
  • Validated for low input, cancer, and FFPE samples
  • Superior coverage – 4 million CpGs Complete kit – Msp1, barcodes, library preparation, positive and negative controls, and bisulfite conversion reagents
  • Simplified workflow and cost-efficient – Optimized for multiplexing up 6 samples/lane