pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay by Agilent Cell Analysis

pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay enables researchers to assess glycolytic rates in most fluorescence microplate readers.

pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay by Agilent Cell Analysis product image
pH-Xtra Glycolysis Assay
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pH Xtra glycolysis assay allows real-time, live cell measurement of extracellular acidification on fluorescence plate readers. This assay may be used for metabolic characterization and determine how specific interventions, such as nutrient deprivation, hypoxia, drug treatment or genetic manipulation, impact glycolytic flux.


  • For use with a wide range of in vitro models:
    • Adherent cells
    • Suspension cells
    • 3D Cultures: spheroids, RAFT 3D and scaffolds
  • Simple and flexible mix and measure protocol - non-destructive and easily combined with other assays
  • Allows assessments of multiple parameters simultaneously
  • Measurement of glycolysis in real-time

Data analysis, tool, the Agilent Data Visualization Tool is provided to calculate kinetic signal curves and slope values from experimentally-derived fluorescence data.