OT 100 CMC by LAUDA Scientific GmbH

Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |   Model: LMA 0100  |  Available Worldwide
Optical tensiometer package for automatic determination of surface and interfacial tension and CMC  

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System for automatic CMC determination

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The most comprehensive optical tensiometer for surface tension, interfacial tension and automatic CMC measurement

  • Easy to operate, compact and economical
  • Precise automatic dispensing unit for 2 liquids
  • Automatic concentration variation
  • Full automatic CMC determination
  • Significantly larger concentration range than mechanical tensiometers
  • Telecentric lens and high capture-rate camera (225f/s @ max. resolution 1280x1024)
  • Surface.Meter software package including CMC evaluation
  • Including magnetic stirrer, temperature chamber EC10, 2 glass cuvettes GC10
  • Concentration-dependant interfacial tension measurement
  • Dynamic SFT/IFT measurement
  • Integrated drop volume methods
  • Made-in-Germany


  • Characterization of surfactants
  • Determination of free emulsifiers
  • Determination of the Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) for surfactants

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OT 100 CMC by LAUDA Scientific GmbH product image

OT 100 CMC

Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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