Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit (10) by Ceres Nanosciences, Inc.

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The Ceres Nanosciences Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit provide a way to concentrate viruses from complex biological matrices in order to have high quality input material for your downstream analytical methods

Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit (10) by Ceres Nanosciences, Inc. product image
Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit (10)

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Helps low sensitivity assays.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Viral enrichment

"Enriches virus before extraction to help assays with low sensitivity."

Review date: 24 Mar 2020 | Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit (10)

Nanotrap Virus Capture Kit improves the performance of your downstream analytical methods (e.g., PCR, Western blot, NGS, protein assays, infectivity assays) by capturing and concentrating whole virus from complex biological samples.

  • Compatible with multiple nucleic acid extraction kits.
  • Reduce your false negatives by increasing your starting sample volume by more than 10-fold.
  • Increase your assay sensitivity by capturing and concentrating low abundance viruses.
  • Nanotrap particles utilize affinity capture and enrichment to attract and bind low abundance viruses.
  • Nanotrap particles do not utilize antibodies or other biomolecules as affinity molecules.
  • Nanotrap particles triple the nucleic acid yield as compared to QIAGEN column only.

Incorporating Nanotrap technology into your workflow is simple. No more than 4 steps added to your current workflow or just 7 steps total if you perform the capture, concentration, and extraction with the Ceres Nanosciences platform - compared to an average of 12-plus with the competition.