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Powerful and Efficient Mass Spec Quantitation Software

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MultiQuant™ Software

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MultiQuant Software is a powerful quantitation package, which enables to process multiple analytes and samples in the least amount of time. Ideal for any MS users, regardless of field and expertise (small/large molecule, mid-tier to high-end triple quadrupole MS, etc.)

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MultiQuant Software is the perfect solution to overcome bottlenecks in laboratories facing large data processing by improving throughput. Developed with the user in mind, the MultiQuant Software interface is organized so you can easily navigate between peptide groups, display internal standards or review specific transitions within few clicks. The flexibility of the software allows you to fine tune displays to fit your data processing needs, as well as easily facilitate compliance requirements. 

Features of MultiQuant Software:

  • Enhanced audit trail functionality for the regulated Bioanalytical laboratories seamless and robust link with WATSON LIMS
  • Supports processing MIDAS™ Workflow datasets (MRM triggered MS/MS) in addition to MRM only datasets 
  • Scheduled MRM™ Algorithm enables you to generate large amounts of high quality quantitative data—fast
  • SignalFinder™ Algorithm integrates chromatographic peaks with exceptional consistency and accuracy—especially in cases of low level peaks and difficult baselines, eliminating manual integration and potential regulatory difficulties.

Key benefits of the MultiQuant:

  • Flexible - Be in control over your integration parameters for your quantitation analysis and easily customize your reports to make them your own.
  • Effective - Spend your time generating results, leveraging on powerful data integration and smarter algorithms for less user intervention.
  • Compliant – Be confident with precise and efficient auditing features to ensure your data integrity

Application areas:

  • Pharma & Biopharma
  • Food, Environment and Forensic
  • Life Science Research

Instrument Compatibility:

All SCIEX Triple Quad™, TripleTOF® and QTRAP® systems.

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MultiQuant™ Software by SCIEX product image

MultiQuant™ Software

Manufacturer SCIEX

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