Multi-MPS 12 (MPS-T12) Consumable Plate by CN Bio

Manufacturer CN Bio  |  Available Worldwide
MPS-T12 consumable plates from CN Bio are used to culture advanced 3D in vitro single organ-on-a-chip barrier models under perfusion, such as gut-on-a-chip or lung-on-a-chip, to generate clinically translatable data

Multi-MPS 12 (MPS-T12) Consumable Plate by CN Bio product image
Multi-MPS 12 (MPS-T12) Consumable Plate
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In conjunction with the PhysioMimix™ OOC Single, or Multi-Organ Microphysiological (MPS) Systems, MPS-T12 consumable plates are used to culture advanced 3D in vitro organ-a-chip models that provide fast, accurate and clinically translatable human data for improving the predictability of drug discovery. 

The MPS-T12 consumable plate is designed for single organ-on-a-chip barrier model studies. It features 12 independent wells that are compatible with standard 24-well plate 0.33 cm2 Transwell®  inserts. 

MPS-T12 consumable plates provide novel insights into the effects of flow on organ cultures grown on Transwell® inserts, or simple dual-organ crosstalk studies within the same well. Dual-organ crosstalk studies are achieved by subjecting an organ tissue grown on the Transwell® to continual perfusion in the presence of a second tissue type that is cultured on an insert located at the base of the well. Example co-culture studies such as gut-liver, lung-liver, brain-liver or skin-liver assays. 

Validated applications for MPS-T12 plates include: 

  • ADME (Drug metabolism and absorption) 
  • PK/PD 
  • Genotoxicity 
  • Immune interactions 

MPS-T12 consumable plates are:  

  • Suitable for organoids, spheroids, iPSCs, primary cells, immortalized cell lines and commercial inserts (such as MucilAir® or EpiSkin©) 
  • For sole use with CN Bio’s PhysioMimix™ OOC Single, or Multi-Organ Microphysiological (MPS) Systems.  
  • Designed to support users transitioning from 2D cell culture into 3D microtissues via a familiar open-well plate-based format  
  • PDMS-free, reducing non-specific binding for non-biased assessment of drug responses  
  • Compatible with standard 24-Transwell® 

Contact CN Bio for more information about 3D in vitro models validated using MPS-T12 consumable plates, or guidance designing your own bespoke tissue or organ mimics.