Metabolic Profiler by Bruker BioSpin

Manufacturer Bruker BioSpin
The Ideal Platform to Perform Metabolomic Studies

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Metabolic Profiler
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A Fully integrated Bruker system based on NMR and MS

The Metabolic Profiler is the result of a joint effort from Bruker BioSpin and Bruker Daltonics. It is the ideal platform for conducting metabonomics studies, traditional metabolism studies, and analysis of complex mixtures.

Today, metabolomics is faced with overcoming several  challenges. In order to address these, analytical and software tools must be combined and the acquired information interpreted based on the biological context. The unique hyphenation of high resolution MS and NMR — the MetabolicProfiler™ — enables a rapid biomarker detection and identification by combined statistical evaluation of MS and NMR data. 

By combining the structural resolving power of an Avance NMR spectrometer with the molecular formula determination power of an ESI-UHR-TOF, Bruker offers the most complete system for metabolomics research available today.

Fully integrated system featuring:

  • AVANCE™ NMR Spectrometer.
  • maXis / micrOTOF series mass spectrometer.
  • Automated sample preparation.
  • Laboratory management system SampleTrack™ for automated sample handling, acquisition, collection and archiving of data.
  • Integrated operating and processing software platform, including statistical tools.