Lumat LB 9510 Tube Luminometer by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG

Manufacturer BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG  |   Model: 54030  |  Available Worldwide

Lumat LB 9510 Tube Luminometer by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH & Co. KG product image
Lumat LB 9510 Tube Luminometer
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The Lumat LB 9510 offers the functionality, versatility and superior performance you can expect from a luminometer developed by Berthold Technologies. 

The optimized optical system provides true single photon counting combined with a low-noise photomultiplier tube for up to 6 decades of linear dynamic range. 

The new Lumat has all the key features needed for today’s research applications.

The luminometer supports all basic luminescence technologies including:

  • Flash-type Luminescence
  • Glow-type Luminescence
  • Bio-Luminescence
  • Chemi-Luminescence

Luminescence detection at its best

Thanks to a stringent selection of photomultipliers working in photon counting mode and more than 40 years of experience building luminometers,  the new Lumat offers excellent luminescence sensitivity: <1 zmol firefly luciferase and <1 amol ATP/tube (high sensitivity model) can be reliably detected.