JMS-Q1500GC Single-Quad Mass Spectrometer by JEOL USA

Manufacturer JEOL USA  |   Model: JMS-Q1500GC
The 5th generation JMS-Q1500GC Single-Quad Mass Spectrometer system increases sensitivity and speed for a wide range of applications such as environmental analysis for agrichemicals and mold odor, material analysis, and aroma analysis.

JMS-Q1500GC Single-Quad Mass Spectrometer by JEOL USA product image
JMS-Q1500GC Single-Quad Mass Spectrometer
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Hyperbolic Quadrupole

The JMS-Q1500GC is equipped with the largest hyperbolic quadrupoles in its class, providing superb ion transmission for much larger ion volumes, resulting in a wide dynamic range.

Higher Sensitivity for Scan and SIM Modes

In this 5th generation QMS, scan-mode sensitivity for 1pg of OFN is improved to a S/N≥1000, which is the highest for quadrupole mass spectrometers. In SIM mode, an instrument detection limit (IDL)10 fg or lower of OFN has been achieved.

“Peak-Dependent SIM” function

This feature automatically sets SIM measurement groupings and optimizes data acquisition conditions for each channel, making it easy for all users. The maximum channel number for SIM measurements per 1 group is 100 channels, and the maximum group number is 300 groups. In addition, the acquisition time for 1 channel can be set as desired to 0.1msec or more. (Min acquisition time is 0.1msec.)
Use of the Peak-Dependent SIM function improves the sensitivity by 2.4 to 5.5 times compared with the results measured by using the general SIM conditions (Comparison among 3 agrichemicals).

Improved user interface for easier operation

Our newly-developed “msPRIMO™”software simplifies the measurement process by improving the system’s ease-of-use. Additionally, the “Escrime™” quantitative analysis software provides a streamlined approach for quantitation. The Escrime and msPrimo software packages are integrated so that the qualitative and quantitative conditions are easily optimized, thus improving the overall ease of operation. Quantitative analysis of multiple samples with multiple components is easy to handle within Escrime. Additionally, the quantitative analysis report format can be customized according to the needs of the researcher.

Wide Range of Organic Analyses

In addition to the standard electron ionization (EI) source, the JMS-Q1500GC also supports optional chemical ionization (CI) and photoionization (PI) sources, enabling easy acquisition of molecular weight information. The system is not limited to just GC-MS and can also do 2 types of direct probe experiments: direct insertion probe (DIP) for insoluble compounds and direct exposure probe (DEP) for high boiling point and labile compounds.

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JMS-Q1500GC Single-Quad Mass Spectrometer by JEOL USA product image

JMS-Q1500GC Single-Quad Mass Spectrometer

Manufacturer JEOL USA

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