iVisc by LAUDA Scientific GmbH

Manufacturer LAUDA Scientific GmbH  |   Model: LMV 830  |  Available Worldwide
Plug in & perform automatic viscosity measurement with glass capillary viscometer acc. ASTM D445 / ISO 3104  

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iVisc - Ubbelohde with Visco.Fix disk
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Comprehensive solutions – Reproducible and precise measurement

  • Simple automatic viscosity determination
  • Person-Independent , GLP-compliant measurement
  • Acc. to ASTM D445 / ISO 3104
  • Easy to operate and compact
  • Peltier technology thermostat for smallest bench space
  • Exceptional temperature stability
  • Ideal platform for flexible polymer characterization
  • Comprehensive calculation algorithms integrated
  • All approximation formulas acc. ISO 1628-1ff integrated

Highest cost- and handling-efficiency for many applications

  • Use of all standard glass viscometers
  • Safe handling in combination with Visco.Fix system capillary viscometer
  • Temperature range from -20..120°C
  • Kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity or relative viscosity measurements
  • Solution viscosity measurement of polymers
  • Molecular mass, viscosity number, Staudinger index or K-value for polymer characterization
  • Easy and fast quality control
  • Research and development of lubricants

Duo.Visc – Special package for Viscosity Index

  • Combination of 2 iVisc in dual-chamber thermostat 
  • Temperature range from 20 to 100°C
  • Temperature stability of 0.01K
  • Direct control of all components via software
  • Peltier technology based thermostat with two independent baths
  • Simultaneous measurement at 2 temperatures for Viscosity Index determination
  • Characterization of oils at 40°C and 100°C
  • Easy connection via USB
  • Glass cylinder and adjustable back-light enable view to capillary viscometer
  • Economical due to only 150W power consumption