INHECO HeatPAC & Heated Lid by INHECO GmbH

Manufacturer INHECO GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
Heating device with the lowest profile for on-deck integration onto Lab Automation systems

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HeatPAC & Heated Lid
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HeatPAC & Heated Lid – most compact heating system with very high temperature range

Heating device with the lowest profile for on-deck integration onto Lab Automation systems.


The HeatPAC is especially made for integration on deck of robotic workstations. It is designed for stationary heating up to 135°C of almost any ANSI/SLAS format disposable. Due to the very low profile of only 40mm, deepwell plates or other high disposables will fit on most liquid handling instruments even when limited space is available between the pipetting head and the deck.

The footprint of the HeatPAC is hardly bigger than the plate disposable, the flexible cable routing with cable exit downwards, sideways, or lengthways allows a seamless integration on deck.

Heated Lid

The Heated Lid can be used as an extra add-on heater on top of the HeatPAC (or CPAC), to increase heating rates, to improve temperature uniformity (especially for deepwell plates), and to enable longer duration incubation. The Heated Lid avoids condensation at the top of the plate, as well as reducing evaporation losses, but without needing the space consumption of a dedicated incubator. The Heated Lid has a flexible cable and is of low enough weight (420g) to allow transport by most gripper systems, yet heavy enough to seal the plate. Thus, a full automated processing is possible with the Heated Lid.

HeatPAC - (7900046)

  • Space saving thermal block with low profile (40mm)
  • High temperature range from ambient to +135 C°
  • Open access heating unit
  • Adapter plates available for almost all microplates, DWP, tubes, reservoirs, etc.

Heated Lid - (8900033)

  • Condensation avoidance on top of the sealed plates
  • Temperature from ambient to +135 C°
  • Full automated processing possible due to flexible cable and low weight
  • Increases heating performance & temperature uniformity on HeatPAC 

The HeatPAC, Heated Lid are integrated with a large number of established LabAutomation systems, such as:

  • Agilent: Bravo, BioCel
  • Beckman: Biomek FX, NX, 3000, 4000, i-series
  • Hamilton: Star Line, Nimbus, Vantage
  • Tecan: Freedom EVO, Fluent, Genesis, Temo
  • PerkinElmer: Janus, Multiprobe II, Sciclone, Zephyr
  • Zinsser: Lissy
  • Sias: Xantus