GreenFumeHood 3 by Erlab

Manufacturer Erlab  |  Available Worldwide
Advanced integrated filtration technology for fume hoods with built-in smart communication

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GreenFumeHood 3
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Take advantage of 3rd-generation GreenFumeHood® technology:

  • Performance of new generation high retention capacity Neutrodine Unisorb filters

           Universal vapour filtration for general chemistry, with large retention capacity

  • Smart communication technology

           A simplified human-machine interface dedicated to safety

  • Energy savings

           Avoid the extra costs that come with classic ducted Fume Hoods

  • Optimized lab design

           Streamlined infrastructure for a dynamic and sustatinable building 

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GreenFumeHood 3 by Erlab product image

GreenFumeHood 3

Manufacturer Erlab  |  Available Worldwide

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