Fume Chamber by Air Science USA LLC

Manufacturer Air Science USA LLC  |   Model: BLC  |  Available Worldwide
The Air Science Fuming Chamber uses cyanoacrylate fuming for latent print development on various surfaces. The fuming chamber incorporates the Air Science Fume Extraction unit coupled with a self-contained filtration system to safely purge the noxious fumes when the printing cycle is complete.

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BLC-4 and BLC-EX
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The fuming chamber and fume extractor combination provides a safe, efficient method of cyanoacrylate fuming with a self-contained filtration system to remove the noxious odors and fumes inside the chamber. Fumes are drawn through a >99% efficient filtering system comprised of a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

Fume Chamber Basic Features & Benefits

  • In the basic fuming chamber, vapors of cyanoacrylate combine with fingerprint residues and polymerize to form a hard, whitish deposit.
  • Once developed, such prints may either be photographed without further treatment, may be enhanced by dusting with powders for subsequent lifting by tape or stained with dyes.