Culture-Insert 2 Well | 3 Well | 4 Well by ibidi GmbH

Manufacturer ibidi GmbH  |   Model: 80209  |  Available Worldwide
Use these silicone inserts with a defined cell-free gap for wound healing assays, migration assays, 2D invasion assays, and co-cultivation of cells. Available with 2, 3, or 4 wells.

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Culture-Insert 2 Well
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  • Complete solution for wound healing experiments, requiring only a few steps from sample preparation to image analysis
  • Reproducible experiments owing to: a defined 500 µm cell free gap, no leakage during cultivation, and no material being left behind after the insert’s removal
  • Individual inserts for single experiments
  • Ideal cell growth on ibiTreat surface
  • AI-based automated image analysis with the Wound Healing FastTrack AI Image Analysis solution


  • Wound healing assays
  • Migration assays
  • 2D invasion assays
  • Co-cultivation of cells

Technical Features:

  • Culture-Insert 2 Well, 3 Well, or 4 Well in a transport petri dish for self-insertion or pre-inserted in a µ-Dish 35 mm
  • Biocompatible silicone material with an adhesive underside
  • Transferable to any flat and clean surface
  • Has to be placed in an appropriate cell culture vessel before use, such as the µ-Slide 2 Well, 6 well plates, or 12 well plates
  • Clean surface after insert removal without remaining material