Cubis® MPS by Sartorius Group

Manufacturer Sartorius Group
Specialized pipette calibration balances  

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Cubis® MPS
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Cubis MPS is a portfolio of specialized micro and semi-micro balances to perform fast, ergonomic, and precise pipette calibrations. These highly specialized instruments are for customers that use their balance for pipette calibrations only and who need fast stabilization times and ergonomic handling.

Cubis MPS has an automatic draft shiel including a motion sensor. This recognizes if a user wants to dispense and opens automatically. It closes again only if the user removes the pipette. As a result, misoperation is completely avoided and the user can focus on the proper handling of the pipettes.

Cubis MPS can be equipped with a climate tower and a temperature-controlled liquid reservoir. It has workflows integrated to guide the user through the pipette calibration routine (acc. to ISO8655), calculates weight values into volumes (incorporating environmental data such as temperature and barometric pressure), and evaluates according to ISO 8655 tolerances.