BioPORTER Protein Delivery Reagent (96 Reactions) by AMSBIO

Manufacturer AMSBIO  |   Model: BP509604  |  Available Worldwide
BioPORTER® Protein Delivery Reagent is a unique lipid formulation that allows direct translocation of proteins into living cells.

BioPORTER Protein Delivery Reagent (96 Reactions) by AMSBIO product image
BioPORTER Protein Delivery Reagent (96 Reactions)
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The BioPORTER® Protein Delivery Reagent is an efficient and trusted reagent for intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules, such as proteins, peptides, and antibodies, into a broad range of cell types. Although there are many effective reagents

available to introduce transcriptionally active DNA into viable cells, The BioPORTER Reagent was designed specifically for the delivery of functional peptides and proteins into living cells, using a unique lipid-based carrier system.

The BioPORTER Reagent is effective, easy to use, and more economical than both microinjection and electroporation for the delivery of biologically active proteins into living cells. The specific formulation of the BioPORTER Reagent can deliver various molecules, over a broad range of cell types, in serum-free conditions, and within 3 to 4 hours of incubation. Various molecules, such as fluorescent-antibody, high and low molecular weight dextran sulfate, phycoerythrin-BSA, β-galactosidase, caspase 3, caspase 8, and granzyme B have been successfully delivered with the BioPORTER Reagent into the cytoplasm of a variety of different adherent and suspension cells. Furthermore, apoptotic proteins such as granzyme B, caspase 3, or caspase 8 drove cells into apoptosis after delivery with the BioPORTER Reagent, confirming that BioPORTER delivers functional proteins into cells.